The Bike-Parking-Lift® redefines the standard of comfort and efficient use of space for bike parking. It’s a newly designed system that maximizes space utilization, user-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness in ways that no other bike parking system can match.

It sets the benchmark for convenience, organization, and optimal space utilization, measured in terms of volume per m3 and m2 of surface area. Moreover, it excels in efficiency and effectiveness in accordance with the space planning designed for it. The Bike-Parking-Lift® and our expertise in optimizing, planning, and conceptualizing bike rooms will inspire builders, managers, and bike owners.

Comfort Lifter “No-Gravity”: Effortless Lifting

This revolutionary system effortlessly lifts bikes, including e-bikes up to 30 kg, into a vertical parking position. Through the specially developed Kinetic solution, the system overcomes the bike’s own weight, mechanically transitioning it from a horizontal to a hanging parking position effortlessly. This system, aptly named “No-Gravity,” requires no physical effort.

Ideal for All Bike Sizes

The lift accommodates all bike sizes, from children’s bikes to touring bikes. The mechanical efficiency of the No-Gravity Lifter can be adjusted to suit each bike individually, ensuring bikes of all weights are positioned smoothly into their parking spots.

Modern Industrial Design and Durability

The design boasts a timeless, modern, and straightforward industrial design, fitting seamlessly into any architectural setting. Its robust design ensures durability even under harsh conditions, making it suitable for public areas like railway stations and shopping arcades.

Maximizing Bicycle Parking Capacity and Optimal Space Planning

The Bike-Parking-Lift® is engineered to offer maximum bicycle parking capacity per m2 of area and provides optimal space planning, meeting safety regulations while ensuring a steady parking order.

Optional Customization

The standard model comes with anodized, colorless aluminum casing, while the slide of the No-Gravity Lifter is in green. Customers can opt for a customized casing color, offering the flexibility to align with a corporate design language or cater to specific client needs.

User-Friendly and Safe

Great emphasis was placed on ensuring the lift is easy and safe for all user groups, from children to seniors. Safety and ease of use were at the forefront of the development, making the Bike-Parking-Lift® simple and secure for all users.