Introducing the dynamic COMBILIFT 542, a system that opens a new world of possibilities in parking solutions. The innovative positioning of cylinders integrated into the side cheeks of the platforms allows the Combilift 542 to require less floor space while ensuring increased adaptability and functionality.

Highlighted features of the COMBILIFT 542 include:

Cylinder Positioning: By integrating cylinders into the side cheeks of the platforms, the Combilift 542 significantly reduces the floor space required, offering a more compact and efficient parking system.

Height Customization: The system showcases extreme flexibility by enabling the creation of a new height every 5 cm, accommodating vehicles with heights ranging from 150 cm to 220 cm, meeting diverse parking demands.

Innovative Sliding Gates: The integration of new sliding gates directly into the system reduces the overall space required, enhancing its overall efficiency.

Space Efficiency and Sustainability: The COMBILIFT 542 excels in reducing the space occupied by vehicles, optimizing land use, and promoting green spaces and open living areas. Its compact size not only minimizes construction materials and waste but also contributes to sustainability through efficient energy use, particularly in underground and enclosed car parks.

Specifications of the COMBILIFT 542:

  • Semi-automatic car parking system
  • Platform widths up to 300 cm
  • Platform loads ranging from 2,000 kg to 3,000 kg
  • Variable arrangement of 2 to 10 grid modules next to each other
  • High user-friendliness and parking comfort
  • Independent parking on 2 levels above each other
  • Parking space selection via a central control element
  • Convenient operation with different operating concepts