Introducing the groundbreaking COMBILIFT 552 – a product innovation that seamlessly integrates the best of two worlds in one revolutionary system. This latest generation of Combilift systems sets a new standard by incorporating drive cylinders into the side walls of the platforms, resulting in a 30 cm reduction in space requirement and ensuring a more comfortable driving experience.

Key features of the COMBILIFT 552 include:

Integrated Drive Cylinders: The innovative integration of drive cylinders into the side walls of the platforms ensures a more streamlined system, requiring 30 cm less space and providing enhanced ease of maneuverability.

Flexibility in Height Adjustment: All new Combilift systems offer extreme flexibility by accommodating vehicles of varying heights from 150 cm to 220 cm, with the ability to create a new height every 5 cm, catering to diverse parking needs.

Space Efficiency: The COMBILIFT 552 significantly reduces the space required by vehicles in terms of both area and volume. This optimized size not only maximizes land use but also allows for more green spaces and open living areas, promoting sustainability.

Sustainability in Design: By reducing the need for building materials, construction waste, and earthwork, the smaller size of the COMBILIFT 552 contributes to sustainability efforts. The system’s design and reduced building volume positively impact energy efficiency, particularly in underground and enclosed car parks.


  • Semi-automatic car parking system
  • Platform widths up to 300 cm
  • Platform loads ranging from 2,000 kg to 3,000 kg
  • Variable arrangement of 2 to 10 grid modules next to each other
  • High user-friendliness and parking comfort
  • Independent parking on 2 levels above each other
  • Parking space selection via a central operating element
  • Convenient operation with different operating concepts

Notably, the Parklift 450 is designed to optimize space without compromising safety or functionality. It offers an increased platform width without affecting standard vehicle heights. The revamped design eliminates the need for elevated platforms, ensuring a clear ceiling height reduction of 5 cm, yet maintaining the same vehicle clearance.

The system ingeniously solves water drainage concerns by introducing a minimal 2% platform inclination, eliminating the need for raised platforms for water drainage. The result? A more streamlined and efficient design that offers enhanced flexibility without sacrificing reliability.

Here are some key specifications:

  • Mechanically-driven car parking system
  • Reduced clear ceiling height by 5 cm
  • Pit depths and platform clearances now in 5 cm increments
  • Car heights ranging from 150 cm to 220 cm accommodated
  • Single systems with a platform width of up to 300 cm, and double systems offering up to 540 cm
  • Platform loads of 2,000 kg and 2,600 kg
  • Classic profile with trapezoidal sheet metal, with the option for higher-quality versions (SMART PROFILE 2.0)
  • A single driving aisle equals two parking levels, translating to cost savings
  • Independent parking processes
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Maximized operational and functional system safety, tested by German TÜV and CE compliant